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With the entrusting to two CSO consortia  of two separate rural development projects in Maputo Province and in the transboundary area with Swaziland by the Italian Development Coperation in Mozambique, the iter of the first tender for entrustment (“affidamento” in Italian) to CSOs by the Italian Development Cooperation was completed, as stated by the new Law on Development Cooperation.  The initiative  is implemented by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Maputo Office, in partnership with the Mozambican Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development and the Ministry of Agriculture in Swaziland.

The first project will involve CCS, Istituto Oikos and ASES and will address approximately 400,000 people in Maputo Province. The second one, to be implemented by COSPE, Progetto Mondo MLAL and GVC, will be a transboundary initiative involving Mozambique and Swaziland, targeting 328,000 beneficiaries in total. Both will ensure consistence to the Italian Development Cooperation’s historical presence in Southern Mozambique.

The budget for each project is 2.500.000 euros. Activities include technical assistance in agriculture and livestock farming, promoting irrigation and agricultural commercialization, capacity-building for producers and technical services. The overall goal is to mitigate the impact of the drought on the most vulnerable communities. Both projects act in continuity with an emergency project aimed at mitigating the impact of El Niño-induced drought in Southern Africa, which will close shortly.

By entrusting projects via tender, CSOs with specific technical expertise can implement initiatives which are part of the cooperation bilateral policy. This is a remarkable step towards the full implementation of the Italian Law n. 125/2014 and complements the well-established system of co-financing project, which are both defined and implemented by CSOs.

List of approved projects


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